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ILF - Andy Edwards (Managing Director)

Andy Edwards
Managing Director

T – 01543 226811
E –

As managing director, Andy has a broad focus within the business. He remains hands-on in overseeing operations, ensuring the current high levels of quality and service are maintained, but also looks to further ILF’s positioning as a leading UK supplier of copper and copper alloys to a global market in the electrical and associated industries.

ILF - Sarah Edwards (Financial Director)

Sarah Edwards
Financial Director

T – 01543 226817
E –

Sarah has worked in finance for the past eight years and, as financial director at ILF, is responsible for setting annual budgets alongside the managing director and the ongoing management of cash flow within the business. As a global supplier, this also includes ensuring compliance with local and international currency requirements.

Carl Gregory (Sales & Marketing Manager)

Carl Gregory
Sales & Marketing Manager

T – 01543 226812
E –

Carl has worked within the metals and manufacturing industry for 18 years and has been instrumental in the growth of ILF since its inception in 2014. As sales and marketing manager, he is responsible for setting and achieving annual company targets in terms of revenue generation and new business, and customer engagement and interaction.

ILF - Steve Gough (Logistical Support)

James Mills
Technical Sales Manager

T – 01543 226818
E –

James has worked in the metal and manufacturing industry for 27 years. His role at ILF involves liaising with customers, pricing up projects and creating drawings for production.  James has extensive knowledge of the industry and can assist customers with all of their requirements.

He has a key role in the production process and prides himself on attention to detail, accuracy, ensuring all products leave the factory fully inspected for quality.

ILF-Richard Gray Davies

Richard Gray Davis
Operations Manager

T – 01543 226814
E –

As operations manager, Richard is tasked with overseeing all aspects of the business and ensuring the company runs smoothly, with efficient levels of service that meet the expectations of the directors and the needs of the customers and suppliers. He has worked for eight years in the metal supply industry, and has more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, production and purchasing. Purchasing remains one of his main focuses within ILF.

ILF Meet the Team

George Edwards
Technical Sales Engineer

T – 01543 226815
E –

George has worked with ILF for the past six years as technical sales executive and production programmer. He has an extensive knowledge of key areas in the component production side of the business, including HSE, CAD, sales, production and data collection and analysis. His vast product knowledge is greatly appreciated by ILF customers and he is always on-hand to offer advice and support. He plays a vital role in the fulfillment of orders large and small.

ILF Meet the Team John Bradbury

John Bradbury
Warehouse Manager

T – 01543 226813
E –

With a five-year history in facility maintenance, John is adept at keeping ILF’s warehouse and manufacturing facilities operational, organised and secure. His diligence enables the company to plan production and workload efficiently, with minimal down-time. His experience in various areas of distribution, workload management and machine operation and management plays a significant role in our timely delivery of orders to clients.

ILF Meet the Team Steve Gough

Steve Gough
Logistical Support

T – 01543 226816
E –

Steve is responsible for ensuring ILF upholds the promise to its customers that they will receive their orders on time, every time. This is no mean feat with deliveries being sent across the globe to tight deadlines and it is why ILF employ dedicated staff to make this happen. Steve has been with the company for 3 years and has proven himself an invaluable asset to the logistics team.

Bethany Murray

T – 01543 226 819
E –

Bethany provides crucial office and administrative support to the ILF team and is essential for the smooth running of the business. She has a key role in the coordination and implementation of office procedures and a responsibility for specific processes such as booking in material and dispatching goods.

Milly Edwards
Sales and Marketing Executive

T – 01543 398 340
E –

Milly is responsible for running ILF’s social media channels and website and is essential for creating awareness of and developing the company’s online presence. She maintains key responsibilities in the sales and marketing department, assisting the sales team with enquiries whilst managing her own accounts.

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