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ILF Ltd stocks a full range of copper round bars for use in a variety of industries, see below for full details of the sizes held in stock.

Grade C101, also known as high conductivity copper, is what is used to supply copper rods, also known as round bars. It has good machinability, weldability, formability, and corrosion resistance qualities.

We stock a wide range of sizes and have excellent relationships with major manufacturers that can make custom round bars to accommodate any requirements. Please call us on 01543 226 816 to discuss your material requirements.

Applications of Industrial Copper Round Bars

What are the uses of circular copper bars? Round bars are ideal for electrical applications that need to be free from harming oxides and impurities. Additionally, they can be used for a wide range of goods and sectors, including heat exchanger parts, spark plug electrodes for automobiles, plumbing fixtures, electrical parts, waveguides, base plates, bus bars, blade and ring terminals, cables, power transmission parts, resistance welding electrodes, terminals, vacuum device parts, switches, interrupters, deposition units, electron tubes, glass-to-metal seals, earth rod for grounding and more.

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Free Machining C109 Copper (With Tellerium)

Tellurium is added to copper, which has the effect of breaking the chips into smaller pieces and allowing for considerably faster machining than is feasible with pure copper. This material can be machined at speeds up to four times faster than copper, and the tooling has a longer expected lifespan. Tellurium copper C109, C14500, and CW118C are appropriate materials for components that need a lot of machining.

Copper Round Bar Manufacturer & Supplier

Our stock list is extensive and includes the broadest assortment of copper round bar and busbar available in the UK. You can find weights for the most popular sizes in both metric and imperial sizes in the tables below.

With our state-of-the-art metal working machines, the ILF team can produce the perfect product to meet your requirement. With over 20 years of experience, our professional are working around the clock to meet demand.

Uses of Commercial Copper Round Bars

Commercial copper Round Bars are currently in high demand worldwide because of their cost-effectiveness and high-quality attributes. Let me explain why our firm is a major and well-known supplier of copper bars. The first and most crucial factor is that we typically produce copper round bars that are suitable for use in the paper, chemical processing, maritime, electrical, and pollution control industries. These round copper rods are available to consumers for around 100% of their chosen shape and size. Electrical Conductivity
The modern world has changed as a result of the production, transmission, and usage of electricity. All of this was made possible by copper, which has one of the most well-known physical characteristics of having the best electrical conductivity of any common metal (at least 99.9% purity). It can be found in castings for parts like electrical switchgear and welding apparatus, as well as in forged forms like wire, cable, tape, and busbar.
Thermal Conductivity
Copper is a superior heat conductor (almost 30 times better than stainless steel and one and half times better than aluminum). Applications that call for quick heat transfer result from this, including heat exchangers used in air conditioning systems, home appliances, car radiators, computer radiators, heat sealers, and televisions, as well as components for
ProductDiameter available
Copper round bar 3mm - 8”
Copper wire26 SWG - ¼” Diameter


British Standard (BS)Other DesignationsNominal Composition
C101CW004A,C110,Cu-ETPCu 99.90% min
C103CW008A,C10200,Cu-OFCu 99.95% min
C109CW118C,C14500,CuTeCu 99%, Te 0.5%
C111CW114C,C14700,CuSPCu Rem, S 0.2%, Ph 0.003%


General engineering
Cathodic protection
Turned parts
Electrical connectors
Lightning protection

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