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Copper for the Marine Industry

ILF Ltd. is a manufacturer of premium copper for the marine sector as well as a specialist metal stockholder. We provide a wide selection of copper alloys made especially to survive the challenging marine environment.

Maritime industry materials must be corrosion-resistant due to prolonged exposure to salt water and pressured situations. Materials with specialised functions in the construction and calibration of precise gear used for course-plotting and telecommunications applications are particularly in great demand, as are metals with a demonstrated ability to support very heavy loads.

Benefits of copper in marine environment

  1. Anti-fouling properties: Copper is a biocide, meaning it kills marine organisms such as barnacles and algae that can attach to the hulls of ships, reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency.
  2. Corrosion resistance: Copper is resistant to corrosion in saltwater environments, making it a durable material for use in marine applications such as pipe fittings and electrical wiring.
  3. Electrical conductivity: Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, making it a useful material for marine electrical systems such as engines and navigation equipment.
  4. Recyclability: Copper is highly recyclable, which can help reduce the environmental impact of the marine industry.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: Copper is relatively inexpensive compared to other materials used in marine applications and it is widely available.

Our Range of Copper Alloys

At ILF Ltd, we have a wide range of copper alloys that can endure the extreme circumstances of the marine environment, including copper-nickel, copper-nickel silicon, and copper-nickel zinc alloys.

Engineering copper has great resistance to biofouling and has good corrosion resistance in marine environments including seawater, with very little pitting or crevice corrosion.

The key properties, thermal conductivity, durability and ease of forming are essential to the purpose of application within this industry.

copper used on an oil rig
Copper in the Marine Industry

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