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ILF Ltd stocks a full range of copper wires for use in a variety of industries, see below for full details of the sizes held in stock.

We stock a wide range of sizes and have excellent relationships with major manufacturers that can make custom round bars to accommodate any requirements. Please call us on 01543 226 816 to discuss your material requirements.

Leading Copper Wire Manufacturer in the UK

If you have a business that involves building with copper wire or specialist metals, then finding the right manufacturer is going to be one of your biggest challenges. After all, there are so many manufacturers out there that you’re probably not sure where to start. Fortunately, ILF is here for you to help your project succeed. Undoubtedly we have the expertise and resources necessary in order to meet your needs.

A Guide to Copper Wire and Its Uses

Copper is a metallic element with an atomic mass of 63.064. Its chemical symbol is Cu and its atomic number is 29. It has a gray-blue tint when it is pure, but it also comes in different colors such as red, orange, brown and blue-green.
Copper wire is used in various applications such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating systems among others.

If you have a business that involves building with copper wire, then you are in the right place as ILF can design, manufacture and stock all shapes and sizes of wire you might need.

Commercial buildings require special copper wiring in order to securely connect appliances and electronics. In many cases, that means using a specialist manufacturer of copper wiring for commercial properties. If you’re looking for the best metal building specialists in the UK, get in touch with ILF today

Types of Copper Wire

There are several types of copper wiring that are utilised depending on the environment in which they are used. Stranded, solid, and indoor/outdoor wiring are the three most popular forms of copper wiring.

Stranded – This variety is used outdoors and has a plastic covering for insulation (similar to PVC). It is resistant to the elements and the elements outside.

Solid – This type is utilised inside for high-voltage applications and is constructed of solid copper. Although it may not have as much insulation as stranded wiring, it is nonetheless weatherproof.

Indoor/Outdoor – This type is utilised outdoors and is created to perform flawlessly under any circumstances.

Can Copper Wire Damage Electronics?

An effective electrical conductor is copper wire. The issue is that the majority of copper wires are the low-resistance variant, which is ideal for uses requiring little current. Your devices could be harmed if a copper wire is utilised in a situation that calls for a lot of current. Powerful audio equipment is one example of an appliance that produces a lot of power. Your electronics could be harmed if improperly rated wiring is used for these items, particularly if the copper wire has a low resistance.

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Innovation, generation, transmission and connection are at the centre of what we do. We are proud to be leaders in our field of and offer a world-class service to UK and international brands.

We maintain excellent relationships with global suppliers of raw materials and have extensive experience in the sourcing, stockholding and distribution of nonferrous metals.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we ensure a premium service from Busbar design through to manufacture, plating and finishing, quality inspection and delivery. Our quality standards are matched only by our work ethic and the longevity of our customer relationships speaks volumes.

ILF guarantees:

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  • Exceptional quality control processes with a dedicated inspection centre
  • Helpful advice and guidance at every step
  • We maintain exceptional standards and hold ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications

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