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7075 Aluminium Alloy

The 7075 Aluminium alloy is known for its strength and finds everyday use in applications where the strength of the material is critical. As well as its strength, this metal also inhibits a fantastic resilience and a great resistance to metal fatigue. This resistance is one of the main reasons it’s chosen on mass by aircraft and aircraft part manufacturers across the globe. The primary element in the alloy is zinc.

Although it is well known for aerospace applications it can be found in a number of instances where good corrosion resistance is not essential. Although aluminium is known for corrosion, the 7075 is less corrosive than a some other variations of this alloy.

Common Uses of This Aluminium Alloy

The properties and characteristics of 7075 make it great for a large number of applications in the industry. As it’s one of the strongest alloys available and is of low density, it’s used in a number of applications where parts are subject to extremely heavy wear. The strength and durability of 7075 massively outweigh any drawbacks from corrosion.

7075 Aluminium Tubing

Due to its outstanding strength and durability, 7075 aluminium tubing is a widely sought-after material for many industrial applications. As a reputable busbar manufacturer and supplier, we focus on offering our clients top-notch goods and services using 7075 aluminium tube. This blog post will look more closely at the characteristics and uses of 7075 aluminium tube and explain why it’s the best option for your upcoming project.

What Are the Differences Between 6082 and 7075

6082 and 7075 are two of the most popular grades of aluminium used in the market today. However, there are a lot of differences between these 2 different forms and it’s important to understand these for you to get the correct use. The biggest differences fall into a few categories. The applications, properties and chemical composition form the main differences but they most will be noted in the chemical composition.  The way in which these are made up, the 6082 is graded with magnesium and silicon while 7075 is graded with zinc and magnesium.

If you compared these a little deeper you’d also find a lot more copper in the 7075 alloy.

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GradeRelated Specifications
QQ A-200/11
SAE J454
MIL A-12545

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