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We are experts in creating customised cuponal Busbars. Using EHRT technology we can machine products to the highest level of quality for clients in any industry. We have over 30 years of experience providing our services to the power, rail, medical, marine, data centre, motorsport and aerospace industries, but we are always on the lookout for new applications for this essential product.

Cuponal Busbars are made of a bimetal composite material (bimetallic) that combines the exceptional electrical conductivity of copper and the low density of aluminium. This is called a CCA Busbar (Copper Clad Aluminium Busbar)They deliver on the cost reduction and weight-saving advantages over solid copper, yet they retain the desirable surface properties of a copper busbar. It is also possible to substitute an existing copper bar in your framework with a cuponal bar of exact dimensions, which will yield the maximum cost saving for any systems that require an upgrade.

The applications of cuponal are numerous. Its primary use is as an electrical connection in switch cabinets, switchboards and distribution boards but has functionality in many other fields.  Electrical equipment manufacturing (including low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage power distribution), crane rail supply systems, wind power (solar photovoltaic field) as well as the Railway and Aerospace industries have all benefited from the innovation of this composite metal.

This product that has an average weight reduction of up to 60% which can reduce its cost by up to 40%. There is also more stability in the price owing to its composition, as the copper market can be volatile. This offers a more sustained period of stability in the manufacturing price, savings on shipping and reduces the overall weight of on-site assemblies, which in turn will ease installation.

Cuponal is the perfect balance between copper and aluminium solutions. Components can be designed, punched or machined and should you choose to tin plate your design, we can achieve this in-house. Working with our designers you can create your ideal system that is fully customisable and meets the needs of your project.

Benefits of Cuponal Busbars

  • Exceptional composite performance with the characteristics of copper conductivity and the benefit of aluminium density
  • The copper layer is thick and adaptable enough to transmit large currents
  • Excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical processing properties
  • Convenient for transportation and installation owing to its lightweight design
  • Economic benefits: saving resources of copper and downscaling the cost of production
Sample Cuponal Busbars can be produced on request

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