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What is Metal Punching?

Sheet metal punching is a method of metal fabrication that is widely utilised and is crucial to modern manufacturing. The procedure involves driving a punch die through the sheet metal workpiece, which causes shearing to form. Slugs, or scrap metal pieces produced by the punching, are another byproduct of the process.

The most significant factors driving punching’s popularity are its affordability and output volume. It works effectively for producing holes quickly and affordably in medium- to high-volume sheet metal production.


Our machines have three CNC controlled axes, allowing us to make production parts with near-perfect accuracy. The equipment can be adjusted without the help of additional people, which saves a lot of time. The operator’s only responsibilities are to start the machine, feed the material into it, and then remove the production parts. The operations of feeding the material and removing the production parts, on the other hand, can be further mechanised with extra possibilities. The punching machines are particularly cost-effective as a result of this.

EHRT’s software solutions allow for a customised and efficient production process. Furthermore, the punching and bending machines can be optimally integrated so that production can be carried out using a single production file from a shared database.

What is the EHRT punching technology?

Our EHRT punching technology provides a variety of tools that enable us to create holes, slots, and chamfers in Copper and Aluminium with thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 16mm and a width range of 15mm to 200mm. Combined with specialist software that helps us maximize output, whilst also reducing waste, it facilitates efficient and cost-effective production for both high-volume and smaller quantity orders of Copper and Aluminium busbars.

How can the EHRT punching technology benefit our customers?

This machine allows us to extend maximum flexibility to our customers in the designs we can produce, as well as enabling us to pass on cost savings for the added efficiency this affords us.

EHRT metal punching and bending service

Why choose ILF?

ILF can produce busbars from customers’ drawings and our team will communicate effectively to ensure we execute the project to the exact requirements of the order. The machine provides us with a higher degree of accuracy in production, passing on cost efficiencies through time and labour-saving processes, we can offer the flexibility of design and is completed with greener production and greater energy efficiency.

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EHRT Metal Punching Service in the UK

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