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What is metal bending?

Metal bending is a method of deforming metal by applying force to it, causing it to bend at an angle and form the desired shape, which is frequently a ‘V’ or a ‘U’ shape. A press brake is a tool for bending sheet metal using a punch and die. Although press braking appears straightforward, maintaining accuracy throughout the process can be challenging. Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and CNC press brakes, to name a few, are all types of press brakes that deliver varying degrees of force.

EHRT Metal Bending Technology

Our bending and punching equipment for busbars have perfect tolerances, and our proprietary software helps to cut production time and scrap. EHRT’s automation solutions will also help with production efficiency and cost!

EHRT is regarded as making the most precise bending machines today. They can be customised to meet the demands of each customer. Whether you’re bending steel bus bar, copper bus bar, or aluminium, this makes it simple to achieve consistent precise bends.

Professional Metal Bending Services in the UK

Here at ILF Ltd, we do all sorts of metal fabrication you can think of. One of our primary services is EHRT metal bending and punching. This name and the high quality it can create are well known to anyone in the industry. Our location in the center of the country allows us to design, produce and deliver your product in a short timeframe. We can manufacture and bend copper busbars, metal sheets, and pipes to any specification you might have.

What is the EHRT bending technology?

The EHRT bending machine for Copper and Aluminium bars allows us to maximise output whilst offering outstanding bending accuracy of +/- 0.1°. Designed for repeatability, it ensures each part is bent virtually identical.
Using the EHRT, we can easily incorporate offset bending, flat bending, bending on edge, torsion bending, closed shapes, Ubends and more accommodating side lengths up to 2000mm.

How can the EHRT bending technology benefit our customers?

This machine allows us to extend maximum flexibility to our customers in the designs we can produce, as well as enabling us to pass on cost savings for the added efficiency this affords us.

The EHRT bending machine allows us to produce busbars from customers’ drawings and our team will then communicate effectively to ensure we execute the project to the exact requirements of the order.

Our technology focuses on bending Copper for bespoke projects. This facility can meet the needs of numerous industries, such as the switchgear and electrical industry.

An invaluable link in your supply chain delivering quality products on time, every time


Why choose ILF?

ILF can produce busbars from customer’s drawings and our team will communicate effectively to ensure we execute the project to the exact requirements of the order. The machine provides us with a higher degree of accuracy in production, passing on cost efficiencies through time and labour-saving processes, we can offer the flexibility of design and it is completed with greener production and greater energy efficiency.

Can ILF help with your manufacturing requirements? If so, get in touch on 01543 226 816 or, we look forward to hearing from you.

EHRT Copper bending for busbars
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