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What is the role of a busbar in switchgear?

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Week commencing: 21/06/2021             Issue: 12

What is switchgear?

Switchgear is apparatus used for controlling, regulating and switching on or off the electrical circuit in the electrical power system, which is required where there is a high demand for more power. A switchgear consists of numerous devices including switches, fuses, a circuit breaker, an isolator, a current and potentially a transformer. A switchgear system is directly linked to the supply system and is situated in both the high and low voltage side of the power transformer. Switchgear is an essential system for industries that can experience electrical faults or those that require to regularly de-energise equipment for maintenance, such as electrical utilities. In addition, switchgear is directly linked to the supply system and based on the voltage level is classified as either low voltage switchgear (LV), medium voltage switchgear (MV) and high voltage switchgear (HV). These devices play an essential role in the power system to protect the equipment from the heavy current. Alternatively, the device may get damaged and the service will face interruptions. Switchgear provides many essential benefits such as manual control provision, fast operation and entire reliability.

What is the role of a busbar in switchgear?

Switchgear busbars deliver power from the external feeders to all the branch overcurrent protection circuits that are contained within the installation. Busbars provide a high safety factor and convenience, in comparison to traditional cabling and trunking which is more expensive and time consuming. The use of busbars offer numerous benefits to switchgear systems such as they are a compact design which require less space than traditional cabling systems, they do not require frequent replacement due to their durability, they distribute power effectively and they provide conductive properties and good protections from high temperatures.

How can ILF help switchgear specialists?

As industries, such as the electrical industry, continue to grow so does the demand for switchgear, leading to the requirement for bespoke busbars. Here at ILF we can accurately guide customers in designing the perfect busbar to meet the needs of their project. We are able to follow a design and ensure the product overcomes any essential obligations, offer a variety of coatings and can supply a convenient transportation due to its light weight.

Are you a switchgear company in need of a Copper busbar supply? If you have a enquiry, we would love to hear from you and meet the needs of your order.

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