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What is the role of a busbar in a panelboard? – Article 9

Use of copper busbars in servers and switch gear

Week commencing: 31/05/2021     Issue: 9

What is a panelboard?

A panelboard is an element of an electrical distribution system that separates an electrical power feed into branch circuits, often used in commercial power systems as control systems. Further, a panelboard can be a single panel or a group of panel units which include buses and automatic overcurrent devices and are equipped with or without switches for the control of light, heat, or power circuits, designed to be placed in a cabinet or cutout box.  A panelboard provides operational controls, safety controls, simple management, repair, and maintenance functionality, and easy to manage access to all parts of the power system.

What is the role of a busbar in a panelboard?

Busbars are metal bars used to carry large amounts of current, often made of Copper or Aluminium. The busbars inside an electrical control panel or consumer unit assist in power distribution from the supply point to the output circuits. Most residential electrical panels will require a busbar which will distribute AC power to the circuit breakers but there are also numerous commercial and industrial applications that require specific benefits to the busbar design as well. Busbars provide several benefits and are a vital component in electrical distribution systems, making complex power distributions simpler, affordable and flexible.

How can ILF help panel builders?

At ILF we have the technology and the skills to generate customer drawings into finished product, ensuring busbars for panel builders are made accurately to the design. Our busbar systems are ideal in the construction of control panels, panel boards and fuse gear and can be tailored to a customer’s requirement. Our aim is to consistently deliver high value at every stage of the process and make panel building easier and more cost effective. Our busbars bring numerous benefits to panelboards as they provide sturdy construction with added durability, require less maintenance due to quality design, generate excellent performance and are ready to use and install.

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