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What is Electrolytic-tough Pitch Copper

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Electrolytic-tough Pitch Copper is the most popular grade of alloy used worldwide is r, UNS C11000 (pure copper), which is purified by the electrolytic method with a maximum of 0.0355% impurities. ETP has an IACS conductivity value of at least 100%. Our oxygen-free copper wire is manufactured to the highest standards in the heart of the UK allowing a fast turnaround for your project.

Electrical conductivity is the polar opposite of resistivity, which measures how strongly a material either transmits or resists the current of electricity. The current can easily flow through a material with low resistance. The Greek letter for resistance is widely used as a symbol (rho). The ohm-meter is the SI unit for electrical resistance (m). Keep in mind that electrical resistivity differs from resistance. Resistance is a characteristic of things and measured in Ohms, whereas resistivity is a characteristic of materials.

Benefits of Electrolytic-tough Pitch Copper

  • Saves space when compared to aluminium
  • Industry-standard material
  • Has many different plating options all with their own specific benefits
  • Multiple options for connectivity and configuration
  • Thermally and electrically efficient as well as Lower Insulation Resistance (IR) drop, makes them great to use as a busbar.

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