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What is Copper profile?

Copper Profiles, Tubes, Angles and square supplied by ILF products

What are Copper profiles?

Copper profiles are commonly used in distribution panels and switchboards delivering key electrical advantages. Profiles are more expensive and difficult to manufacture than flat bars due to the technical requirements such as they provide a more fragile production process, more complicated packaging, and a complex design. Although the profile offers a more detailed process, its unique design enables the manufacturer to meet the demands of individual projects.

Why do people use Copper profiles?

Typically, Copper profiles are used in power and electrical engineering, onshore and offshore wind power, mechanical engineering, and supply equipment. Copper profiles are an effective way to reduce the weight of Copper conductors in an existing product. Profiles also allow for flexible designing and can meet the requirements for exact designs in individual jobs. Profiles can be designed to allow fast, hole-free assembly and jointing, which can significantly reduce the time required to assemble bars in a cabinet, improving consistency and quality. Due to the increased surface area of the Copper, the profile can assist in the heat dispersion as the larger shapes and sizes increase the conductivity.

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What does ILF do?

ILF Ltd is an independent stockholder of raw materials and a manufacturer of custom electrical connectors. This independence gives us the freedom to work with a huge variety of manufacturers around the world. Copper profiles are highly engineered with incredible attention to detail and adherence to tight tolerances. We can procure a variety of standard profile shapes whilst also working closely with specialist manufacturers that can produce profiles to specific customer drawings and tolerance requirements.

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