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What is Copper Busbar Trunking?

Copper busbar plating

Busbar Trunking is a method of distributing electric power that employs aluminium or copper busbars with appropriate enclosures called busbar chambers. It provides adequate protection for cables, preventing them from being damaged by foreign bodies. Trunking also significantly improves system cooling when compared to traditional cables.

Bus Ducts (busways or trunking systems) can significantly reduce installation and maintenance time due to a fast joining feature that allows you to put it together in no time. Industrial trunking systems will also save money on installation and maintenance because there is no need for hardwiring.

The same systems, with tap-offs supplying particular floors, can be used for rising-mains applications when installed vertically. Where the busbar crosses a floor slab, certified fire barriers are available. By placing protection components like fuses, switch fuses, or circuit breakers along the busbar run, it is not necessary to employ big distribution boards or an abundance of distribution cables to connect installed equipment to the outside world.

Another advantage is that you can purchase individual busbars, which aids in cost calculation based on the number of copper busbars required.

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