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Welcome to our new home!

ILF Ltd sign on the headquarter.

Welcome to our new home!

The team at ILF would like to welcome you to our new website. We’ve been working hard on our identity over the last few years and our sales, marketing and investment strategies have all been working towards this day. 

ILF and Friends

We identified the strategy, the people and the manufacturers we wanted to work with and proceeded to implement the work. Once we had all the pieces in place we set about rebranding ILF Ltd to propel us into 2020 with a fantastic set of marketing tools and a strategy to supercharge ourselves to be the best we can be for our team, customers and suppliers. 

Our strapline is Innovate, Generate, Transmit, Connect. We choose this because we innovate products that generate power to transmit data. Our products are used in all sorts of industries that connect people to the services and electricity that power their lives – and we’re proud that the products we make are at the heart of this.

None of what we have achieved over the last 12 months could have been completed without our dedicated partners which I want to say a special thank you to:

Julie Metcalfe from Creative Souls Marketing

Julie has taken on many roles in this project from managing all the different parts of the process, blogging the progress and of course building and designing the new website, our marketing leaflets, business cards and letterheads – I could go on! For a project that has taken the best part of 6 months to complete, Julie has worked extremely hard to get it over the line and bring it all together – so a massive thank you to her for all the commitment.

Sam Robertson from Quill Creations

Sam and his team took our relatively dull industrial unit and turned it into a vibrant and energetic environment that looks incredible on screen. During our first meeting I could tell that Sam understood the brief and what we wanted instantly and with very little prompting from myself, he arranged all the necessary elements and brought them together to create vibrant vidoes that will help promote ILF for the next decade.

Other key contributors

A project such as this requires people to do things that they normally wouldn’t do! Several of our the team including George Edwards, John Bradbury took time out of their day to appear in our videos and their contributions will be up in lights on our website for many years to come. Sam’s video and sound team consisting of Luke Harrison and Ben Hodge did phenomenal jobs with the light and sound for the videos, and our copywriter Katie Love produced all of the great written content on the website after having to do some extensive research on the our industry and products. Thank you to all of you.

We hope you like the new website!

ILF Milly Edwards

Sales and Marketing Executive: Responsible for creating content for ILF's social media channels, website, print media and promotional work.

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