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Six years ago we opened our laptops and charged our mobile phones around a dining table, no warehouse, no truck, no stock and it was petrifying. Over the years we recruited some incredible people, worked hard, invested money, and built a business that we are all proud of. ILF is a family not just a business and it’s that mentality that has brought us here today.

ILF is proud to announce that we are now ready to move our operations to our new socially distanced and completely sanitized 20,000 square foot warehouse. The advancements we will be able to make in these premises will be astonishing and we stand ready to invest more in the business than ever before.

To say that we are proud is an understatement, we have come so far in such a short period of time and it is now down to us to turn this opportunity into even more success and we all stand ready to deliver on the trust and support we have all received over the years!

Sales and Marketing Executive: Responsible for creating content for ILF's social media channels, website, print media and promotional work.