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Oh My, Copper! – Issue 7

Pile of scrap copper

The demand for social media and its impact on Copper’s future price.

Copper in a Data Centre

Week commencing: 17/05/2021           Issue: 7

How does demand for social media impact Copper’s future price?

Since 2021 almost 54% of the total global population, estimating at 4.2 billion people, are users of a social media platform. After the beginning of 2020, from the start of the pandemic, social media usage increased by 13% or 490 million users. Social media usage specifically in the UK has now stayed relatively consistent over the last 12 months, with now 45 million social media users or 66% of the UK population using the platforms, equating to more users of social media than not. The main social media platforms, such as Facebook, have over 2 billion users highlighting the requirement for data centres worldwide.

What is a data centre?

A data centre is a physical facility that organisations or businesses use to house their critical applications and data. The design of a data centre is based on a network of computing and storages that assist the delivery of shared data and applications. The vital components include switches, firewalls, routers, storage systems, servers and application delivery controllers. Data centres are crucial to businesses as they are designed to support applications such as emails, file sharing, productivity applications, databases, virtual desktops, communications or collaborations services. Due to the high-power demand for data centres switchgears are a necessity to distribute the power effectively. As data storage continues to grow, more power will be required, resulting to the use of Copper applications.

How is switchgear used in data centres?

Data centres are a high-power demand, switchgear is required to distribute the power effectively. Switchgear directly affects the safety and reliability of an electricity system; it houses protection devices against overload and short circuits and contains devices to distribute and control an electric current. A switchgear cabinet contains protection and control devices, Copper busbars and trunking systems connecting cables with the devices and mechanical systems. Copper is a key component in switchgear and energy supply of data centres; however, the amount of Copper depends on the power requirement and voltage rate.

How can ILF help you?

ILF play a crucial role in supplying Copper to switchgear customers, to meet their customer requirements. We are able to supply Copper busbars to our customers, which we can then bend or punch on our EHRT technology, to suit the customers’ requirements.

Are you a switchgear company looking for a Copper supply? If so, please get in touch and we can provide a solution to your needs.

ILF Milly Edwards

Sales and Marketing Executive: Responsible for creating content for ILF's social media channels, website, print media and promotional work.

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