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Oh My, Copper! – Issue 2

Pile of scrap copper

Copper prices continue to surge but major investors remain cautious.

Copper Cutting

Week commencing: 12/04/2021    Issue: 2

Since the Chilean border closure, the Copper price has surged having a large impact on the industry. Ongoing weeks continue to see an inflated Copper price, fluctuating within an extremely wide bracket. The Copper prices have soared to decade long highs this year, however the price has not been high enough to entice investors back. The last time prices hit highs like this a lot of investment took place only to suffer once prices started to recede further down the cycle. It appears that a lot of the major mining players are holding off to see what happens to the Copper price into the future.

A combination of lack of investment, sky high demand and low inventories may result in the Copper price remaining high for an extended period. If the continuing crisis in Chile persists then it could result in higher near-term prices for Copper.

Whilst the Copper industry faces supply disruptions, ILF continue to provide customers with an outstanding range of products and services. Further to this, ILF are investing heavily to ensure continuity of supply to national and international customers, meeting the demand and preventing low inventory.

Have you considered how the current supply disruptions may affect your business?

If you have been impacted, we would love to hear from you and find a solution to your challenges.

ILF Milly Edwards

Sales and Marketing Executive: Responsible for creating content for ILF's social media channels, website, print media and promotional work.

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