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How Busbars Benefit from the Vaski Shape

Working with and welding aluminium alloy
Copper Busbars Smoothing Machine

What is the Vaski SHAPE Series?

The Vaski SHAPE Series allows us to provide a finishing solution to extruded Copper flat and round bars. This is then completed by choosing the automation option, which is then controlled by the machine to create smooth edges.

How can the Vaski SHAPE Series benefit our customers?

The bespoke finishing solution we offer provides vital benefits to our customers. By smoothing the Copper edges it ensures the products are safe to handle, aesthetically pleasing and prevents tearing when sleeving products.

Why choose ILF?

The Vaski SHAPE Series is safe to operate, produces consistent quality, has a small footprint and a fast process time. ILF consistently meet the needs of customers on an aesthetic and safety basis, producing a persistent element of quality and precision.

Copper Busbar Shape
Copper Busbar Shape
Copper Busbar Shape

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