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Haeger 618 fastener insertion system

Busbars with bolts

What is the Haeger 618?

Our new Haeger 618 fastener insertion system allows us to insert M10 and M12 nuts into Copper busbars. This hydraulic machine makes the process simple yet extremely effective.

How can the Haeger 618 benefit our customers?

The Haeger 618 machine will bring numerous benefits to our customers. Our new facility will optimise customers workflow by increasing the speed in which busbars can be fitted due to the nut already being secured in adding a practicality aspect and increasing productivity. Further, the Haeger machine will ensure all nuts are implemented safely, with consistency and will improve the overall finished quality.

Haeger 618 system

Why choose ILF?

The Haeger 618 provides a quicker, more practical and accurate solution to inserting and fastening nuts and bolts into Copper busbars. ILF can meet customers needs on a practical and time basis, producing a consistent element of quality, precision and quick lead times.

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