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Covid-19 Update

ILF Covid Update

ILF Ltd would like to make the following statement regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19):  

In order to maintain the health and safety of its staff, customers and suppliers ILF have implemented the government’s advice on social distancing. ILF has instructed all members of staff that can work from home until advised otherwise. ILF is a key supplier to several companies that operate in the utilities and medical sectors and has been officially asked to declare a ‘business as usual’ status in order to support these companies during this crisis. Due to the critical nature of the products that these companies use, ILF has agreed to operate as usual whilst following the government’s guidelines regarding social distancing, hand washing, and surface cleanliness.  

ILF is a supplier of raw materials such as non-ferrous metals that are used in the manufacture of various medical technologies. Alongside this ILF is also a manufacturer of Copper busbars used in the manufacture of critical power applications. If your company is in need of any raw materials that are used in the manufacture of medical products or electrical busbars for the manufacture of electrical infrastructure products, please feel free to get in touch and we will help. 

Best regards,

Carl D. Gregory.

ILF Milly Edwards

Sales and Marketing Executive: Responsible for creating content for ILF's social media channels, website, print media and promotional work.

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